A Mini-Make-Up Haul and Review

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Hello curlies and gents! Yesterday, I went to Dollar Tree and Target in hopes of finding a new eye shadow palette, as I have slowly but surely grown bored of my current collection.  I had a few gift cards that I hadn't used yet, and I figured it was time to update my make-up bag with a couple of goodies. 

Mini Make-Up Haul (minus a few items)

So, at the end of my trip I had obtained:

Dollar Tree Items
  • A purple beauty blender dupe from the Dollar Tree (Not pictured because I've already used it..oops)
  • The L.A. Colors Shimmering Loose Eye Shadow with Brush in the color Radiant.  (BES404)
Target Items
  • Wet n' Wild Mega Length Mascara
  • E.l.f Eyelash Curler
  • CoverGirl Clean Invisible Concealer in the color Honey
  • The Nudes Eyeshadow Palette by Maybelline 
  • LA Palette Nude 2 by Loreal 
First up, the beauty blender dupe! First let me say, I've never used the original beauty blender, so I can't review it in comparison to the original. As far as it's ability to blend, it does the job. It is a little firm, but is still flexible. For $1 it's definitely worth it, that's a $19 discount from the original!

Next, The L.A. Colors Shimmering loose eye shadow, $1 at Dollar Tree.The first thing I have to mention is the horribly executed packaging. The container is not the most ideal case for an eye shadow. The brush is inserted in the top of the container with a small opening 3/4 into the container. It's pigmented from the swatch test I did, but I have not used this one on my eyes yet. So far I'm not excited about the product, but it was only a dollar, so I can't be but so upset.

The Wet n' Wild Mega Length Mascara was only $2.97 at Target. It advertises to give you 80% long looking lashes, to lift lashes invisibly, and to have a clump free formula. The brush is kind of thin for what I'm used to, but after 2 applications, my eyebrows appear nice and elongated.

E.l.f Eye Lash Curler, $1 at Target. I haven't used this yet, but it appears to be your standard generic eyelash curler.

CoverGirl Clean Invisible Concealer in the color Honey, $5.99 at Target. I have seen this product in local drugstores like Walgreens around $8.99 so this is a great buy at Target. I use this primarily under my eyes, it applies smoothly, and when using the beauty blender with this product, application is even simpler. It blends in very well, and is actually a pretty good match to my skin tone. Very pleased with this buy!

The Nudes Eyeshadow Palette by Maybelline, $9.99 at Target. Once again, I saw this same product ON SALE at Walgreens for $12.99, so another point for Target for price! I absolutely love the shades in this palette! I adore golden, tan, and nude eyeshadow looks and this palette is perfect for those combinations. It has examples of matte and shimmering shades, light to dark hues. They apply easily and pigmented, and blend very well.

 Palette Nude 2 by Loreal, $15.99 at Target. This palette has more blush-nude hues, alot of rosy, red hued colors. These are perfect for adding a little color to your everyday look without being too drastic. They also allow for more formal or occasional combinations. This palette also comes with a dual-ended brush, one end with the generic foam tip, and the other a small brush that is good for applying to the corners or blending the crease.Yet another buy that I am extremely excited about!
Loreal LA Palette Nude 2
And that wraps up my impromptu purchase! I hope you enjoyed my mini-haul/review. Let me know if you have tried any of these products, or if you have any questions about them! Until next time curlies and gents!

Curly Kay

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