How to Spruce Up a Big Chop

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"I look like a boy!" "I need some flair!" "I hate this cut!" 

For some, these are very common first thoughts after completing the big chop. Even for those thinking about taking that step, many are terrified that they may turn out looking masculine and losing their femininity along with their tresses. Well, there are some solutions for that, ways that you can bring some femininity back into your look! 

How to Spruce Up Your Big Chop

Invest in some new jewelry.

Without hair to frame your face, you may feel a little washed out. Take the time to browse for some new, loud jewelry. Alex Elle has great statement earrings like these "MAMA" earrings shown to the right. 

Or maybe these affordable dazzlers from Charlotte Russe, for only $6, fit your taste! The options are endless, you just have to look! 

Add a pop of color!

If you aren't afraid to experiment with your hair, add an accent color to make it stand out! Maybe you want a block of blonde in the front, or a strip of red in the back? Let your hair be an extension of your expression. Wanna dye it blue? Do you boo! Confidently strut your hair and let it bring out your personality, whether you want something bold to draw attention, or subtle enough to be noticed but not too wild; be comfortable and content with your choice!

Get a cut with character!

Instead of rocking a simple twa, venture out and get it cut in a low style. Don't be afraid to have your stylist do something funky with your cut, like the tapered twa pictured to the left! The actual cut itself can make the world of a difference between flair and flop. Take that risk and try something new!

> Hair Accessories!

Invest in cute headwraps, bows, and headbands! The right hair accessory can be the key part of your ensemble.  You can choose to be flirty, classy, spunky, etc. all with a simple accessory like these turban wraps I found on Instagram! (@ynvecouture) They can be purchased at for only $12.00! 

Regardless of what you choose to do to bring some glamour to your look, the best accessory you can add to your look of the day is confidence. With confidence, you can add pizzazz to almost any hairstyle or cut. your attitude can be your biggest asset, the right attitude can make a $7 blazer seem like an item off of the next big designers clothing line. Be proud of your hair, flaunt your hair, and most importantly, love yourself.

With love, 

xoxo Curly Kay

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