Doing the Big Chop

8:46 AM

Greetings! To the left you see a gorgeous picture of Carmen from MyNaturalSistas rocking her lovely twa (Teenie, Weenie Afro) with confidence and class. How did she get there? Another big chop of course!

After a few good discussions with others in my life, I deemed this post to be necessary. We are in an era where "going natural" is storming our society and culture. Men and women alike are cutting their tresses and returning to their roots, rocking fros, waves, locs, and more. 

As you know there are only two ways to "go natural". 
  1. Grow out your hair and gradually cut it ( also known as transitioning) 
People take different routes for different reasons, some have had long hair for the majority of their lives and they cannot fathom being without it, some think it's more professional to maintain more length than to rock a short cut, while other simply don't have the confidence to cut their hair off and love themselves as is. You begin to hear things such as, "My head is too big for a short cut," "What if I don't have [good] hair?" "What will (insert name here) think if I cut all of my hair off?" But the fact of the matter is, it shouldn't matter how others view you or your hair, what matters is how you view yourself and your hair. The big chop does take confidence and a lot of adjustment for those who are used to length and may be afraid of the scissors, but if you think that is the best route for you, your hair, and your lifestyle, go for it! Step out on that limb and take the risk. The end result of re-achieving your natural state will be greater than any obstacle you had to overcome to get there!

Love yourself regardless of a hair type, length, or style. You are more than your hair, and you should embrace learning more about YOU. Good luck for those of you embarking on this journey back to natural and stay tuned for more from Curly Kay! 

With love, 

xoxo Curly Kay

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