Are You Loving Yourself?

8:27 AM

I saw this photo on Pinterest (with no source other than the signature in the bottom left corner) earlier this morning and immediately thought, this is an ideal picture of self love. As the woman embraces herself with a smile on her face, it reminds me that sometimes we need to take the time to physically love ourselves as well as mentally. Self-love is a journey in itself and it doesn't just entail ignoring negative comments of others
, or random shopping sprees for "retail therapy". Self love can be as simple as telling yourself you are beautiful before you walk out the door, or treating yourself to a day of pampering in the comfort of your own home. Take a moment to cater to yourself, not because you have a hot date at 8 pm, but because you deserve it just for being you. Allot a few extra moments in your day to indulge in a bubble bath and relax, or give yourself a lavishing pedicure on a lazy Saturday morning. Maybe you are the type of person to have a mantra that you recite and mean everyday. Self-love is loving yourself even when others may not. So why base the love you feel on the love others give when you have an unlimited amount of love to give within yourself? Ask yourself, are you loving you? Or are you wading in the idea of self-love without further action? Embrace your wiry curls, your freckles, the beauty mark above your left eye, or whatever makes you different! I challenge you to take a few extra minutes out of your day to actively love yourself. Give yourself a hug, take an extra selfie when you first wake up, and speak the words of Beyonce' "I woke up like this!" and know that you are "flawless" too!

With Love to My Beauties, 

xoxo Curly Kay

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