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As I scrolled Facebook, I encountered a lot of posts about our 20s being the lazy years of life . I couldn't help but get annoyed at this generic stereotype, and at the fact that people were using this stereotype as an excuse to sit at home and do just that - be lazy. I immediately began thinking of all of my friends, peers, and former classmates that are currently grinding it out - working multiple jobs, in school earning multiple degrees, interning in their dream field. Instead of living up to the stereotype of getting drunk every night, working in fast food, and ending back at home with their parents, a large number of my peers are carrying out their dreams. Photographers, musicians, athletes, bloggers, teachers, and many more professional careers. I wanted to recognize these individuals that were grinding it out, thus, "The Underestimated 20's" series was born.

This week on "The Underestimated 20s" we have Shaun Saw, a 20something producer.

Humble. Driven. Kind Hearted. Ambitious.
This is the lasting impression Mr. Shaun Saw left me with as we departed from our interview just a few days ago. Shaun Saw is an up and coming producer and the creator of iSaw Records. I actually had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Shaun Saw for the first time this week, and Shaun shared with me his story, which was truly inspiring!

Before he told me about his current lifestyle and aspirations, Shaun wanted to first give me an idea of where he came from. He spoke of a rough time in his teenage years where he found himself going down the wrong path. Saw was associating with the wrong types of people and getting mixed up in activities that would not have promising outcomes. Shaun knew he had to make a change in his life, he just didn't know how he was going to do it.

Around this time, Shaun started playing around with music: rapping with his friends, researching the mechanics behind the scenes, and finding resourceful ways to practice the fundamentals. He spoke of a time when he and his friends would spend time recording their bars on a computer monitor built in mic. Of course the quality was not up to par considering the equipment, and Shaun knew he needed a real mic and a pop filter. At the time he lacked the money to purchase one, so he instead used paper towels over the mic as a temporary fix.

This is the type of story that resonated with me from our transparent interview. Real. Truthful. Experiences. 

About two years ago, Shaun buckled down, and got serious about his aspirations. His mentality regarding music changed from just a time occupying hobby, to a realistic dream. He shifted his practices from rapping and writing to producing. Specifically producing trap music. Shaun informed me that he is experienced in producing different genres, but his bread and butter would be considered his original yet relative trap music.

I inquired about his muse for producing, he mentioned that the only concrete condition for him to create music is that a window must be open to allow for fresh air and means of nature. I felt this was spoken like a true artist. It was refreshing to hear a producer appreciate the muses of nature and to have such a simplistic inspiration for his work.

#Ohdontdoit - BabyEye Taylor Producer by Shaun Saw

For Shaun, his main motivations for success are pleasing God and giving back to his mom. He reminisces on how his mom constantly gave, and still gives, to him in support of his aspirations even when things are tight on her end. Shaun's biggest motivation is making enough money to pay his mom's student loans off so that she can be debt free. Once again, another example of his humility and kind heartedness.

Being a 20 something in a tempting world, it can be easy to lose focus of our end goal, especially working in artistic industries. I asked Mr. Saw how he combated daily distractions and kept a hold on his drive for success. He answered with ease that he avoids peer pressure and those that only strive to bring others down. Shaun makes it a mission to surround himself with like-minded individuals that are striving for goals and aspirations themselves. I've found this to be a philosophy that many success-minded people follow, and believe it to be a good mentality to keep.

Shaun Saw and Dorian "Scottie" Wilson

When working on your dreams, it's always good practice to have a long-term plan. An end goal. Something to motivate your current actions to push to the future. I asked Shaun where he wanted to be in 5 years. He confidently stated that he hoped to be in Atlanta working for Street Execs Studios as a producer and/or audio engineer. He feels that the artists they work with currently would directly correlate with his producing style. Shaun hopes that in working with these artists under Street Execs, he can build the strength of his own brand iSaw Records. Shaun feels that being in Atlanta, he would be engulfed in the music environment helping to maintain his focus on his prize.

A message of gratitude from Shaun Saw:
"I would like to thank all of my supporters, but specifically I'd like to thank my mom for her constant support. I'd like to thank my dad for stepping up and showing me how a man is supposed to carry themselves and provide for their family. Because of my dad, I found God, and got back onto the right path, and for that I'm grateful. I'd like to thank Chauncey for showing me how to properly network- he taught me the importance of talking to others about collaborations and what it is I want to do with my brand. I also want to thank Nyborn for being my first professional studio experience. It's funny, I remember when I was younger my dad took me to a studio, and to my surprise, I learned that Nyborn was there too. It just goes to show how things come back around. Lastly, I'd like to thank my friend Dorian "Scottie" Wilson for helping to find direction in my aspirations, and in outlining my goals."
 It was truly a pleasure meeting and talking with Shaun Saw and I wish him nothing but success in his endeavors! Just wait, you'll see him in the big leagues in no time.

If you'd like more information on Shaun Saw you can visit his social media: 

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Stay tuned next Saturday for more 20somethings on their grind! If you would like to be featured, or if you know of someone that you think would be an ideal candidate for "The Underestimated 20's" please email me at 

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