5 Reasons Last Week Was A Good Week

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While life is full of ups and downs, and plenty of surprises, I find it important to spend more time highlighting the good things than sulking about the bad. It keeps my spirit uplifted and ultimately keeps pushing me forward. Every Sunday I post 5 reasons why the week was a good week! That shouldn't be too hard, right? I mean, that's less than 1 good thing a day, and surely I can find one good thing out of the day, at least.

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This weeks 5 reasons are mostly about organization, simply because I find it easier to function when things are in order. Since my move, I haven't had much time to put everything in it's own place, so I dedicated this week to cleaning and organizing. I admit that this week may not be as exciting to read, but I made a commitment to write 5 good things about my week regardless of how intriguing - and this is exactly what made this week a good week for ME.

1. I organized my closet! Since I moved in, my closet has been the place to store all my loose ends, my laundry was piled up because I didn't have enough hangers here, and I had luggage that I had yet to unpack. I took the time this weekend to go through everything and organize my clothes and shoes. It feels great to walk into my closet and actually be able to see my wardrobe options!

2. I  organized my bathroom shelves and the space under my bathroom sink. You don't know how frustrating it is to reach for your conditioner or brush and it's not where you're used to it being because of your own neglect to put things away. A clean and organized bathroom makes it much easier and faster for me to complete my daily routines.

3. I organized my files: pictures, events, blogging materials, etc. It's easier for me to store my blog images, my drafts, and other personal files that I may need to access at any given time.

4. I was able to catch up on times with an old friend, "Scottie", who you may remember reading about in the first "The Underestimated 20s" post. It was great to reminisce on good times, and also to talk business practices.

5. I got to rest! This weekend, I stayed in for the most part and had some "me" time as well as quality time with bae. :) The past few weekends I worked, even while home, for pretty much the entirety of the weekend. I must admit that it felt good to leave work at home and just rest and enjoy my days off.

Thanks for reading lovelies and gents, and stay tuned next week for more!

Curly Kay

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