5 Reasons Last Week Was a Good Week

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While life is full of ups and downs, and plenty of surprises, I find it important to spend more time highlighting the good things than sulking about the bad. It keeps my spirit uplifted and ultimately keeps pushing me forward. Every Sunday I post 5 reasons why the week was a good week! That shouldn't be too hard, right? I mean, that's less than 1 good thing a day, and surely I can find one good thing out of the day, at least.

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This weeks 5 reasons are...

1. We had a very informing and rejuvenating training at work. Initially I was concerned that it would be boring and drawn out, be our trainer catered to our needs as a staff and it was actually very beneficial!

2. I learned how to cut Chowders hair! No more expensive grooming appointments, just me, chowder, and the clippers! But know that I now have a newfound respect for dog groomers, Chowder isn't always the most cooperative client haha.

3. I had a successful trip to the thrift store, which you can read about HERE.

4. I got a raise at work! My immediate supervisor sent a great report on my work to the board and they gave me a raise for my dedicated efforts! Who says hard work doesn't pay off!? :)

5. I finished the OITNB season 3, finally! I try to pace myself with the seasons considering it takes so long for a new one to come out, but I finally completed the last half of season 3. I won't spoil it for those that are still pacing themselves, but I personally believe they set it up perfectly for a season 4.

And there you have it lovelies and gents! My top 5 reasons this week was a good week! Stay tuned next Sunday for next weeks reasons!

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With love,

xoxo Curly Kay

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