A Netflix Fave: The Tudors

7:00 AM

As I have shared in a previous post, in my free "me time", I often enjoy watching Netflix. Well, today I wanted to share my newest Netflix fave: The Tudors. I must say I have a secret interest in Renaissance, Medieval, and Olde English themed shows. I binge watched the show Reign in only a matter of days on Netflix, and actively seek to find more shows like these. The storyline is one that will have you torn between sides as majesties and mistresses battle over the love and succession rights of the King Henry.

I couldn't tell you specifically what it is that draws my interest to these shows, simply because I honestly cannot pin point it. It could range from their intriguing accents and dialects, the cunning drama, the slyness of residents at court, or the numerous love triangles. They are like 15th century soap operas, and my guilty pleasure. The Tudors has 4 seasons on Netflix and I'm beginning Season 3 now, and I must say I am very invested in the storyline. I won't spoil the show for you, because I do highly suggest you watch it for yourselves.

What are you Netflix faves? Follow me on twitter @lifeascurlykay and tell me!

xoxo Lovelies and Gents,
Curly Kay

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