My Vlog Addiction

7:37 AM

They say the first stage to acceptance is denial, and for a while I've been in denial that I have a vlog addiction. But for the first time...I believe I have finally accepted that I am a vlog addict *sigh*. Now for those of you that have no clue what a vlog is, it's simply a blog but in video form.  I can sit on youtube for hours, yes hours, just watching strangers vlog their intriguing lives. The interesting thing for me is, I don't watch the "famous" vloggers that seem to have everything life could ever offer, and that always have their ish together. I don't get lost in their lives and forget my reality like many do, and I don't get offended by their entitlement or anything like that.

Instead I watch the realistic vlogs, the vlogs that show the good and the bad. The ones with people real enough to show that they have problems too and aren't perfect, you know, the vlogs that are relatable.

It's almost like my own reality tv, haha. My boyfriend would walk into the room and see that I'm watching a vlog series and just roll his eyes and walk back out. Or if I watched them in his presence, he'd say things like "How can you just and listen to her talk for 30 minutes?" I guess you could call it a guilty pleasure, I mean who brags about watching vlogs all the time? It's not your typical pastime or hobby and I guess it can seem kind of creepy to watch strangers daily lives, but clearly I can't be the only one, otherwise there'd be no vlogs to watch right?

Do you watch vlogs? Who are some of your favorites? Tell me on twitter @lifeascurlykay! 

With love, 

xoxo Curly Kay

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