Roommate Catastrophe

7:30 AM

Now this is the story all about how my life got flipped, turned upside down.  I'd like to take a minute, just sit right there, I'll tell you how I became the... I mean.. How I met the roommate straight from hell. *cue music*

Hmm, before I get into the juicy details of disaster, I suppose I ought to give you some backstory so that you know I'm not completely insane, and don't go around rooming with random people. It began last March... A girl I met in my freshman year of college randomly began speaking to me on social media. I hadn't seen or heard from her in at least a year, if not longer. She was pretty cool from what I remembered, she was trendy, social, funny, and a peace spreader. We started hanging out before she went back home up North. No red flags, yet.

Well around this time, I was also searching for a new apartment. I had gone through a few roommate options, and a little drama in the process, but at this point it was settled that I would be rooming with my best friend, Bri. The question mark of the situation was where exactly we'd be staying. Now if you've ever tried to sign a lease in a popular college city, then you'd know March is a little late in the game to still be looking for housing. Needless to say, all of the affordable one and two bedroom apartments had been leased. So Bri and I started racking our brains for a potential third roommate. And of course our first thoughts had either signed somewhere or committed to other roommates. So that left, this new, but cool girl that randomly resurfaced.

I asked her a few compatibility questions such as ideal house temperature, cleanliness, party habits, etc. Everything seemed to match up betwixt the three of us. We were getting excited, and even started planning how to the apartment was going to be set up, who was bringing what, and what days we were planning to move in. We just knew it was going to be a great year of fun and memory making.

Ha! Memory making was right, but fun is not the word I would use to describe it. Our first red flag was move-in day. She didn't show up at the time she said she would. Hours went by and we just figured she was held up in traffic. Well about 30-40 minutes before the office closed for the night, we called her to see if we needed to stall the office staff. She was just leaving home, which was over 3 hours away. By the time she got there it was well into the evening and the office staff was long gone meaning she couldn't check in which meant no keys for her. We all agreed that she could just crash on the couch for the night and in the morning she'd just go down to the office to get her keys. So she dragged her whole life, in the form of luggage, into the apartment and stacked it up in the hallway leading to her bedroom.

The next morning, she goes to the office, and returns with no key. She didn't have her rent money with her. At this point my best friend and I are beginning to question our choice of a roommate, but we chose to stay optimistic. She gets the rent situation worked out, but that was just one of the many problems we were to face. The girl didn't know how to clean after herself. At this point, everyone in the house were in their twenties, which means there's no excuse for not knowing how to wash dishes, put trash in the trash can, vacuum, sweep, mop, or any of the normal household chores. She was disgusting.

On top of that, the girl was a clepto. I had never met anyone that would steal something of yours and literally argue to your face that the item isn't yours. Over the months, food, laundry detergent, cleaning supplies, wine glasses, all went missing into the abyss of her room. Nothing was safe - not even phone chargers and dog food. She would have random people coming in and out of the apartment at all hours of the night, give our house key to people to come to the apartment and retrieve things. It was literally turning into a nightmare!

Now, as you're reading this, you're probably thinking, "why didn't they just say something to the girl?" Well, we did. Over and over and over again. We had house meetings, group texts, one on ones, etc. Everytime, the girl would appear to seem apologetic, but then turn around do more damage out of spite.  Frustrating doesn't even begin to explain the feeling.

This carried on all year. Awkward moments of being in the same room and not speaking, or even more awkward moments of being in the same room and hearing her s#%t talking to her friends. Things became intentional. On multiple occasions I was awakened out of my sleep due to parties beginning, yes beginning, at 2 or 3 in the morning - on weekdays if I may add. The thermostat would be set as high as 80 (even when the house originally agreed on a 73 setting) when its already in the mid 70s outside - Mind you we lived on the top floor of our apartment and faced the sun during the hottest part of the day.  The balcony door was almost always left open during the day, even after she left, leaving the house unoccupied, which typically resulted in bugs or the nonstop running of the A/C which in turn resulted in abnormally high electric bills. There were even a few days I woke up to our front door wide open. Imagine how scary that is at 6 am.

On one occasion she dog sat a pit bull, I adore pits and the dog was angelic. Well, one of the days the dog was in her care, his tail got caught on something and was bleeding excessively. With every wag, blood was flung- on the walls, the furniture, our clothes, anything in the common areas. Keep in mind our walls were white, so it was obvious to note that they were speckled with blood. She allowed the blood to stay there for at least a month. I just knew that one day she would take responsibility and clean it up, but of course that was wishful thinking. Around a month later, I grabbed some soap and water and started scrubbing. She actually came out of her room and asked me if I would clean the walls in her room as well. I couldn't help but chuckle, I told her that I'd leave the water just for her once I finished, but I wasn't going to clean her walls.

I could honestly write a book of all of the disasters and unbelievable experiences I had in the past year, it was...surreal. Of course I regret the choice of a third roommate, but I can't go back and change it now. There was one good thing to come from the situation, however. Dealing with a dirty, stealing, disrespectful roommate for 11 months was more than enough motivation for me to find a place of my own. There was one last altercation, and I promised myself that I'd be out within a week. That altercation took place on a Saturday and I was out by the following Tuesday. It still feels like a dream every morning I wake up in my new apartment, my very own. I'm convinced that will officially be my last roommate catastrophe.

You tell me? Could you have lived with someone that might as well have been your child? Someone so selfish, inconsiderate, and ignorant? Some people just aren't clean-natured people, and hey, who am I to judge? However, I can't live with someone that isn't just dirty and absent-minded, but also a thief.

Have you ever had a crazy or incompatible roommate? Tell me about it! Shoot me an email, write on my Facebook Page, or tweet me @lifeascurlykay! I can't wait to hear your stories!

With Love,

xoxo Curly Kay

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