Realization: I don't like change.

8:30 AM

The other day I had a realization about myself- I don't like change. It has taken me a while to come to this conclusion and accept it, but it's the blatant truth... and looking back over some situations, it makes perfect sense. What kind of change, exactly?

Ha! All kinds....

  1. When I go to restaurants I stick to the same entree' or something safe... (yes I'm aware that's boring... )
  2. My hair routine hardly ever changes as far as products and regimens, in my opinion if it's not broken, why fix it? 
  3. Collaborations at work: When I find a niche in a group of people, I prefer to stay with that group of people simply because I know how they operate, how we work together, and how productive we are capable of being. 
  4. Friend circles - I don't mind meeting new people, but I like my close circles the way they are.. *sweat*
  5. Phones and other electronics - I don't like changing them, once I figure out the ins and outs, I just feel comfortable and don't like taking the time to personalize and configure a new device. I don't mind learning how to operate new technology, but as far as my personal use, I like longevity and consistency. 
Get the picture? Like I said, change in any form can be a day killer... I find a smooth way of operating and I like to stick with it. Earlier this week I was presented with some possible changes in my work environment, and I instantly felt overcome with negativity. In my mind, anything that could possibly go wrong, was about to happen. I felt unproductive for the rest of the day, and even dreaded walking through the doors at my job the next morning. It's that bad, y'all. I sat trying to explain to my boyfriend why I was in such a bad mood, and he just couldn't seem to understand how such small factors at work changing impacted me so much. That's when I realized that it wasn't the specific environment change that was bothering me, it was change in general. 

I had finally found my niche at work, I was enjoying what I was doing, and doing it well! I was getting along with co-workers, and ensuring that things were being prepared properly for the next school year, and of course, BOOM, there's change. It intimidated me. What if this change affects my newfound work ethics and drive? What if this change results in x,y,and z? That's where my mind was for the entirety of yesterday afternoon. 

This may sound silly, but the discomfort is real. Eventually I will try to do a post on how I deal with change, but first... I have to figure that part out, haha. Thanks for reading a little more personal post, stay tuned! 

xoxo Curly Kay

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