Meet Chowder

7:00 AM

Chowder? Like Clam or New Englad Chowder? No, not like Clam or New England Chowder, Chowder like my puppy Chowder. ^_^ Chowder is my 2 year old Yorkie that is full of energy and personality. What is there to say about Chow? Well, many may say that he's spoiled and clingy, but he's a puppy so what else would you expect, haha. Maybe I enable him a little, and love on him all the time...but isn't that what a good dog owner is supposed to do? He's an attention seeker I must admit, but his infectious puppy dog eyes make it impossible to turn him away from a pet or embrace.

He's a sight for sore eyes after a long day of work, or dramatic encounters. The way he's always excited to greet anyone who walks through the door is just one of his traits that make him so lovable, I'm mean there's not a bad bone in his body.  Even when he has an accident in the apartment, or does something he knows he's not supposed to do, the guilt you see in his eyes just makes you melt. Well, that's Chowder for you. Maybe he'll make a few appearances for you in the future. :)

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