Motivation Monday!

7:00 AM

Welp we've made it to another Monday! Instead of dragging your feet out the door, like we all want to, try to make the best out of today! I don't know about you, but I make it a point  to live purposefully. What's the point in getting up to go to work to half-heartedly do my job?
I might as well stay home for that right? And for that matter, what's the point in starting a blog that I'm never going to post on?  May as well stick to twitter. Or, starting a business that I'm not going to put any time or effort into? Living with a purpose helps to  keep the momentum going in life. When you start living without a purpose, daily tasks start to seem dull, and unnecessary. So, instead of dreading the start of the week, set a purposeful goal for you to work towards on that Monday. Keep in mind that your focus determines your reality. Change your attitude, and you'll change your results!

Have a fabulous Monday lovelies and gents!

xoxo Curly Kay

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