5 Reasons Last Week Was A Good Week

10:00 AM

While life is full of ups and downs, and plenty of surprises, I find it important to spend more time highlighting the good things than sulking about the bad. It keeps my spirit uplifted and ultimately keeps pushing me forward.

So I was thinking, weekly, on Sunday's, I will post 5 reasons why the week was a good week. Even if my week was crappy and full of disappointment, I will challenge myself to find 5 good things about the week.

That shouldn't be too hard, right? I mean, that's less than 1 good thing a day, and surely I can find one good thing out of the day, at least. You're probably also wondering why I'm posting this mid-week, considering the fact I just said I'd be making these posts on Sunday, but last week was such a great week for me, I don't want it to go un-noted. 

So here's my 5 reasons LAST week was a good week: 

1. I moved out of my 3 bedroom apartment (with 2 roommates) and into my very own one bedroom apartment! To be honest with you, if nothing else good happened last week, this was enough to say last week was spectacular. But, I will save all those juicy details for another blog post. 

2. I was off work, ALL WEEK! Now, I work at a year-round elementary school and it is summer break, however, over the summers I also work with enrollment, so it was great to have a whole week to just breath and enjoy me. 

3. My boyfriend and I were able to go to the theatre to see 2 movies for free! How? Coupons of course! It was unexpected and last minute, but I saw the deal and we booked our 2 free movies a piece and enjoyed them! 

4. The 4th of July! While I didn't spend it in DC as I normally would for my family reunion, I did have an awesome 4th. Instead, I spent it with my boyfriends family from NY. They came down for the weekend and we had a fun cookout out at the park, and then took it inside for card games, drinks, and dancing. 

5. On Sunday, the cable and internet were finally installed! This may not seem like much, but being in a new place, with no TV, no wifi, and only an iPhone to use for internet for a week was not as easy as it sounds when you've been spoiled to those luxuries. 

These may not seem like outstanding feats to some, but as I said, number 1 on the list takes the cake. I was tempted to use it for all 5 reasons. :) But anyways, thanks again for reading! 

With love, 

xoxo Curly Kay

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