Happy July!

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Boy does it feel good to devote time back into the blog! This year has been full of ups and downs and monkey wrenches thrown left and right. Thankfully, there's a time of the year called SUMMER when I can take the time to gather the pieces to my life and reorganize them into some functionality. 

So, what's new in the last six months...

1.  Lettering! 
I've recently fallen in love with the art of brush lettering and calligraphy. Yes, that means I've spent a pretty penny on various pens, sketchbooks, and brush-tipped markers. I'll be sure to write a post solely on my dive into the lettering world with details on my favorite supplies and materials. In the meantime I've been attempting to post semi-frequently some of my practice attempts at brush lettering on Instagram, so check them out @lifeascurlykay!

2. New Job!
This upcoming 16-17 school year, I will be in a new and exciting role at the school. I will be in a role of leadership/coaching and I am so excited that the administration and the board recognized my commitment and passion for the leadership program at our school and allowed me to find my voice in this coach role next year! 

3. Bullet Journaling!
With this new position next year organization, of not only events but also my thoughts, is going to be imperative. I did a little searching and investigating on the various types of planners and planning styles and came across bullet journaling which is a very flexible framework that you can truly make your own. No more wasted sheets in your store-bought planners because you don't have a need for them. With bullet journals, you literally create your planner page by page. For some this can be intimidating and a turn-off, but I need something that I can feel excited about and a planner that I created from scratch is pretty energizing when it comes to utilizing it! 

What's ahead for Curly Kay?
Honestly, July is to be considered a month of transition for me. While I will be working at the school part time for summer office hours, I will have a lot of free time on my hands that I am not used to having. Instead of wasting it, I intend to use it to establish positive habits, get organized, and set myself of a track that would be challenging to stumble off of. Grounding yourself is imperative when numerous changes come your way. So a few goals for July are: 

  1. Establish and maintain a reasonable workout plan. 
  2. Drink 6 bottles of water daily. 
  3. Fully unpack (and de-clutter) my apartment. 
  4. Maintain my BuJo (Bullet Journal) 
  5. Set up my new office. 
  6. Write a post on lettering. 
  7. Write a post on my BuJo process.
I am ecstatic about the month of July and re-engaging with my readers. I'd love to hear from you, comment below some of your goals for this month! 


Curly Kay

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