Decorating While on a Budget

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Stuggling to find a wall piece that doesn't cost $60? Or maybe you're just plain tired of window shopping in Pier 1 and other home decor stores that seem overpriced for simple decor. What if I told you that you could decorate your home with everyday materials that you can find for inexpensive prices?

In truth, no one has to know how much you paid for something, where you purchased something, or even if something is homemade! Here are a few ideas on how to decorate while on a budget as we enter the summer decor season!

1. Yard Sales

A lot of people are getting rid of things via yard sales. It's a quick way for them to make a little money, and a great way for you to grab things to repurpose! Look for things like trinkets you may be able to spray paint to match you color scheme, mirrors and picture frames to arrange on your walls, plates for the dining room table or bookshelves, wall art of course, and wooden crates that can be restored, polished, or painted for storage or repurposed as furniture. There are many ways you can use these items, if you need ideas, Pinterest is a great place to start!

2. Thrift

Once again, use things others didn't want and think of how you can repurpose them! Often times thrift stores and donation centers such as GCF and Salvation Army have glassware, end tables, coffee tables, and vintage items for inexpensive prices. Also, around holidays they sometimes have sales making items almost free! Don't forget to search for trinkets that can go on bookshelves or counters like the items pictured to the right. 

3. Ross, Marshalls, and At Home/Garden Ridge

These awesome stores usually have home decor, candles, towels, cookware, and more for discounted prices. You may even get lucky at Ross or Marshalls and find name brand things for half the original price. Ross and Marshalls also usually have cheap K-Cups for Keurigs (including Starbucks brand) that are usually found in the implies racks by checkout. At Home (Garden Ridge in some areas) has a huge selection of everything home related, from wall art, to bathroom storage and they are also reasonably priced. These stores are a great way to save on new items if you don't like the idea of thrifting, or if you simply can't find what you're looking for.

4. Dollar Stores

Many people have doubts about buying certain things from dollar stores, but if you take the time to look, they often have a lot of hidden treasures. For example, they have a great selection of glassware, picture frames and DIY materials. During season/holiday changes (Summer, Thanksgiving, Valentines Day) you can find cute plates, placemats, and glasses that you can use in the kitchen or just for decor. The best thing about dollar stores? If something does break, it only cost you one dollar!

5. DIY!

This is probably my favorite because you can customize any DIY idea to fit you personal style from size to color. Pinterest is an awesome place to start for easy, cost efficient DIY ideas. You can start saving materials like glass jars, wine and glass olive oil bottles, corks, and candle jars in your home for future DIY's. There are more than enough ideas to be found on Pinterest using these items, like the cork heart pictured on the left. If you don't have Pinterest... You need to get it now! :)

6. Off season shopping

Try to stock up on items at the end of a season or in the off season. For example, Christmas decor will be cheapest once the holiday passes. Grab a few items while they are on sale for 50% and sometimes 70% off and store them for the next year. Somethings like seasonal candles can still be useful even after the holiday. Even though it may not be immediately useful, it can save money in the future. 

Hopefully these ideas are helpful! Let me know of any good thrifty finds or if you have any other ideas for decorating on a budget. 

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