5 Ways to Stay Productive While Working From Home

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The other day I woke up exhausted, both mentally and physically, and had every intention of calling out of work. I had worked extra hours the past few weeks, so I would've been okay to take a day. However, as I began drafting my text to my boss to 'call out', I immediately began thinking of the workload I would have the next day if I didn't do anything today. I erased my draft and instead asked for permission to work from home. I actually had a productive day and enough time to relieve my stress and worries. Here are a few ways to make sure working from home doesn't turn into an unproductive day of laziness.

1. Wake up on time. 
One of the best practices of working from home is to stay true to your normal routine. You are more likely to be more productive if you get up and get going like a normal day.

2. Outline your goals for the day. 
It is easy to make excuses for yourself when you are in your own domain. Before getting started, outline what you plan to get done for the day and stick to it. Make sure your list is realistic but still extensive of a normal days work.

3. Designate a work space.
Set up your work zone for the day with everything you will need for the day. Make sure that it's a clean and organized space that is conducive for your work day. The less clutter, the better. It's a known fact that a neat and clutter-free work space is more beneficial to productivity.

4. Minimize your distractions.
Keep your TV turned off, and your friends at bay. Depending on your job, your cell phone may be a necessity, but don't let your day at home (working) turn into social hour. I like to work with music in the background, so I pick a Pandora station that I can work to without the urge to do karaoke. Distractions are going to be your biggest obstacle when working at home if you don't work to prevent them ahead of time.

Chowder waiting patiently for me to play.

5. Be weary of breaks.
While you don't want to work a 9-5 at home with no breaks, you also don't want to abuse the freedom and take excessive breaks either. If you work from home on a regular, create a schedule for yourself including sensible breaks. If you typically work in an office or on-site setting, try to stick to your normal schedule (as stated in #1) in regards to breaks as well.

I hope this helps lovelies and gents! Stay motivated and productive, and most importantly take care of yourself!

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Curly Kay

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